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About Us

Atkins & Hoyle is known for manufacturing well engineered, attractive and exceptionally durable products.
  A Family Business now working on our fourth generation, over 90 years in business!

We source only the highest quality materials, working specifically with Sand Cast Al-Mag Castings, and 316 Stainless Steel. 
We also work with Cast Acrylic, GSM Plastics, and Aluminum Pipe. Nearly all our products are bright polished then clear anodized which locks in the beauty for decades.

We are world re-knowned for our cast hatches and ports, which provide decades of trouble-free offshore use.
Now we have expanded our product line to include a large line of davits and cranes. For the past 30 years we have applied our expertise to the development of lifting systems for raising and storing small vessels, from dinghies to sport boats on both yachts and docks. Whether your dinghy is to be raised and stored over your stern or rotated onto a bridge-deck, foredeck, swim platform or dock; the variety of options in this Web site will provide a solution.

Atkins & Hoyle yacht davits have developed mounting systems that will work safely and reliably within our weight lifting specifications, since we have designed for, and built in a considerable safety margin. Our figures are based on real-world use. Wind, sea conditions, and the way your vessel operates have been considered during design and manufacturing of our davit systems. In addition, ease-of-use and appearance are design features important to the success of this product line. We have never built a fair weather product. The result is a davit, hatch, port, and swim platform extension line that works well, looks good, and above all, gives you the sense of security that comes from owning well-engineered equipment.

Dock, sailing vessel, motor vessel, rotating davits or fixed davits -no other company has as many options for lifting arms and mounting systems as Atkins & Hoyle. To you; that means the best possible method of storing your watercraft at the best possible price.

Decisions, decisions...

Selecting a yacht tender or sport boat should be an enjoyable experience since there are so many good boats available. However, some are better suited to a given situation than others. In our experience, the best approach is to make an honest assessment of what you expect from your tender or sport boat, what you have for a budget and, with the products shown on this web site keep in mind also, where you expect to place your dinghy. We offer a variety of davit mounting solutions that can adapt to almost any storage situation.

A clear understanding of your storage options will be a big asset to your decision making. It's with the last point that we can provide the most help. In this web site we’ve assembled as much information as we can in an effort to assist you with your selection of an auxiliary boat, its launching, its retrieval and its storage while under way. We sincerely hope you will find it useful.

Have fun.