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Al-Mag 535 Castings

We are known for our inovative designs that use the advanced alloy Al-Mag 535. While this alloy is difficult to work with, we have mastered the manufacturing process. Our fourth generation family business has 100 years of  experience with the technologies required to properly sand cast this aluminum magnesium alloy. Our castings are as strong as stainless steel, 20% lighter than aluminum and will never corrode in salt water. Our castings are also universal and are adaptable to any situation you can find yourself in.

We bright polish and then clear anodize our castings. This results in an impenetrable finish with a beautiful satin white appearance which looks amazing glimmering in the sun.

Our products are designed for real-life situations, to last a life-time. We are boaters too, so we know how harsh and unpredictable conditons can be on the water. Our CranesDavitsHatches and Ports, Arches and Hardtops, Accessory Poles, and Roll-Ons are all built with these conditions in mind. Built by mariners, for mariners.

Atkins & Hoyle manufactures the world's best marine hardware. People who have experience with our products know their quality. Check out our Testimonial Page.