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Hello fellow boating entusiasts! Please share your stories of triumphs and trepidations; we will gladly repost them for others the enjoy and learn from.

First, we would like the emphasize the importance of admitting your weaknesses when you are faced with troubles on the water. Doing so will often allow you to rely on someone else's strengths - and they yours. The safety of our families and the safety of our vessels is near and dear to all of us. Sharing information is one of the most useful tools we have available to us. Here at Atkins & Hoyle we specialize in crafty hardware of the generational variety. Not only do we produce imeless designs which are recognizable around the marina; our hardware universally adapts to any boat or environment and will outlast even the saviest of owners.

Here at A&H, generations later we strive to keep our employees informed. For advice - contact Atkins & Hoyle!



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