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Arriving from England to Canada in the early 1920s, Wilfred Atkins and Joseph Hoyle established a small foundry and machine shop in Toronto in 1921. Producing bronze and aluminum castings for the general market, Atkins and Hoyle Limited was instrumental in the development of infrastructure for the growing City of Toronto.

As the plant grew in reputation and size, the company acquired several commercial contracts to produce brass pumps and other fittings. This general foundry and machine shop work carried the plant through the Great Depression and World War II, employing many people at a time of job scarcity.

When the Atkins and Hoyle business was passed down to the next generation in 1967, a love of boating, and especially sailing, inspired Wilfred Atkins' son, Eric to begin the design and development of a high quality cast aluminum hatch. Unparalleled by international standards, these hatches became highly popular with North American boat builders and today can be found on many different types of boats.

To withstand the intense marine environment, new alloys were utilized and new casting techniques were acquired. Almag 35, an aluminum magnesium alloy that is lighter, stronger and more resistant to corrosion than previous aluminum alloys, was chosen for its superior qualities. However, the difficulty of casting the Almag 35 alloy meant that new foundry techniques had to be developed for this product to become a viable material for the marine industry.

From the early years of casting and machining many different products for many different people, to when we began to specialize in advanced alloys for our own products, Atkins and Hoyle Ltd. has been the leader in the manufacturing of cast goods. Today, our specialization in the marine industry has created a strong reputation for the highest quality, advanced alloy production. We welcome your business and interest in our products and hope that our many years of expertise, experience and ingenuity can be employed to find the solution that you are looking for.