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“These ports have been bullet proof for many years, have been there and back. Excellent workmanship. Thank you.” Robert W. Eiser

“You make a high quality lift, mine has lasted a long time with zero problems.” Thomas Devine

“Mechanically the frame and closures work well (over 30 yrs later!). Thank you so much for the assistance and fast responses!” Evan Brown

“Your system is hefty, it allows me to completely collapse it if I'm cramped for dock length, I can raise it to get out of a following sea. I'm tickled with it. An added advantage is that it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thanks for a really well engineered and thought out system.” (64' Sundeer, Wayne Simmons)

"Frankly, I think the final product looks fantastic, simple, clean and efficient! Better than the Hunter ones and better looking than most I've seen and they are very strong which means we don't have to worry when encountering heavy seas" (1900R 2008 Hunter 45DS, George Gilraine)

"I was very impressed by the Atkins & Hoyles 1900 Davit system, as i found it to have the markings of a well engineered product, both in function and a pleasing style. Dinghy is Highfield CL290 | It has a double aluminum bottom. The outboard is an 8 HP two-stroke Yamaha." (Bengt Lindstrom)

"Your ports look great! Thanks again, they are beautiful." Mike Mojzak

One Tell-Tale Story, not to be forgotten!

It was kind of understandable and a lesson learned, I'll try not to repeat.

You see, it was a dark stormy night, no, not this time, instead, Jane & I anchored out last weekend, the weather was beautiful, our first on our boat as previously we didn't have a heavy enough anchor (we now have a 44# Rocna) and we didn't have a windlass to retrieve the anchor (we now have a Lofrans Tigress). We didn't have a charger/inverter (we now have a Xantrex Freedom SW3012). We also didn't have a generator, in case we ran the batteries down (we now have a Harbor Freight 2500W Predator). Finally, we didn't have a way to put the motor on our dinghy and launch our dinghy if the need arose (we now have Atkins & Hoyle davits).

Everything was great, until Sunday.

We had been anchored since Saturday afternoon and the Xantrex was reporting about 12.4V on the battery. Understand I am new at reading and interpreting the control panel info.

I went to start the engines to head back to our marina (and thank goodness we were only about a mile away for our first time) and just got some clicks. Just not enough juice.

I had started the generator earlier as we wanted coffee and the inverter wouldn't power it and didn't have any issue starting it. When I realized that we were going to need the generator to power a charge on the batteries I tried to start it and it wouldn't start.

I literally must have pulled the starter cord 300 times and couldn't get it to kick over. Boy was I pissed.

I do have towing insurance which would also provide a jump, but I didn't want to call them and pull someone away from a more serious call and I had gotten this generator for exactly this purpose. I wanted it to work.

The marina was a mile away. Until we had gotten our davits I would have had to drop the dinghy and muscle the motor into the dinghy (from 5' above the dinghy). That day all I had to do was to loosen the line and let the dinghy, with motor attached, drop gently into the water. Boy was that great.

I had called the marina and they had starting fluid, so I went to the marina, got the starting fluid and raced back to the boat.

Understand that at this point I was a little fatigued from all of the cord pulling and the racing to and from the marina. I used the starting fluid and it didn't work. I of course thought that the generator had failed so my last recourse was to call Tow Boat US for the jump. Their app on my cell phone worked great, BTW. They were going to dispatch a boat and would take about 45 min to get to us and while we were waiting for the tow boat captain to call to confirm I tried one more time blowing the starting fluid into a different location on the generator. 1 pull and it started.

I called the Tow Boat people and cancelled, then hooked up the generator to the house side and charged the battery for about 2 min, hit the start button and the engines fired up.

While we were warming up the engines we hoisted the dinghy back into/on to the davits. I must admit that here's where I know better but haste makes waste and I left the line on the swim platform. It would have been easy to toss it into the dinghy but I didn't. I wasn't even thinking about it.

We hoisted the anchor and motored back to the marina. I'm fairly sure that it didn't occur while we were motoring there. it probably happen when I backed to turn into our slip.

I didn't realize it happened until I was coiling one of the lines to the davits and went to do the other one that we had lost most of that line. I also am thankful that for the last 2 years I have added a spur that is attached to an aluminum sacrificial collar just behind the prop. Without that I don't know if the line would have been strong enough to remove the davit from the swim platform. But from the end of the line that was left it was clear that it was cut.

I will add here that Jane wasn't the least bit upset with all that was going on and asked after we returned when we were going to go anchor out again. She also felt we had learned several lessons in respect to our anchoring. What a trooper I married. I will add that the davits made the necessary use of the dinghy, much, much easier.

We will be cruising with our group the on the 31st to the 2nd of August, going to Rock Hall and the anchoring & dinghy will play a very great part of that cruise.

I can't tell you adequately enough how much the addition of the A&H davits have made to our use and our enjoyment of the dinghy because we can leave the outboard motor attached. We have several places where we can dinghy to, without moving the big boat, where we can enjoy the full nature of the area in swimming and sunbathing. The davits have really added to our overall use of the big boat as well. Now we can anchor out and use the dinghy to get anywhere else we need to go.

We'll be going to Annapolis again this year and we'll have the use of our dinghy which will enable us to grab a ball while there. Broad new horizons.

Thanks for all of your help along the way. 

Best regards,
Charles Williamson
m/v Nepidae
Albin 43 Sundeck 

In the spring of 2015 we put davits on from Atkins & Hoyle (, a Canadian company.

They make a cast aluminum and SS tube davit which we find is a great product and makes the launching of our dinghy immensely easier (especially after using a setup which held the dinghy against the stern of the boat).

Part of the reason was that was most OB motors don't like to be laid on their side so we would have to remove the motor and reinstall after & before each use.

The davits, which are attached to our swim platform, have worked very well holding the dinghy with motor attached. It takes longer getting all of the safety equipment aboard than to launch the boat.

Believe me I looked at most of the others, St. Croix, Weaver, etc., and found Atkins & Hoyle the best product and the best to work with.

If you email ask for Brian, they will work with you to accomplish what you want to accomplish (no financial interest, just a very satisfied customer).  

Best regards,
Charles Williamson
m/v Nepidae
Albin 43 Sundeck 


First, you have my complete support as far as your support and the product are concerned.

Your company has exceeded where others haven't come close as far as the davits and working with the customer. On a more personal note Jane was anxious to get the dinghy launched with the motor on so we could take it out. After making the adjustment to the arms, I horsed the outboard off the sundeck, down the dock and without dropping it in the water (which was a large motivator to purchasing the davits) I attached it to the dinghy. 2 pulls on the starter cord, the Mercury 4 stroke is great, and away we went. The best part was coming back to the big boat and lifting the dinghy out of the water with the motor still firmly attached to the dinghy. You don't know how happy we are to now have the easy access and utilization of the dinghy whenever we want to use it. Thanks.

I'll be back to you again, after the weekend adjustments have been tried out. (1900 Fixed, swim platform mounted, Charles Williamson) --As Mentioned in the Story Above.

"My name is Clark and my wife’s name is Jean.  Back in 1994, we outfitted our 1987 Carver 36’ aft cabin with the Atkins and Hoyle davits that we first saw at the Annapolis Boat Show.  We lived aboard for six years cruising the Atlantic Coast, the Bahamas, the Keys and inland waterways of the US and Canada. Our davits were envied every place we went, and were a key enabling component of our successful years living aboard.  We have testified frequently as to the product quality and durability.  Never a problem!"
(1800 Rot. 1987 Carver 36’ aft cabin)

"My name is Randy Vieira. I purchased a 3000R crane from you about a month ago and have some installation pictures for you.I also took a picture of how I cut the stand pipe so it was cut off at 90 degrees which may help other do it yourselfers. I have to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the entire unit."
3000R  Randy Vieira, / David Wood,  88 Mainship Nantucket Double Cabin

"Just thought I would let you know how nice your ports are looking. Thanks for your help.
PS if your product needs a customer recommendation. Send them to us."(4x14” Ports) Mike Mojzak

"I finished the install last year however didn’t get a chance to trial the davits till this year. So far this season we have logged 30 days of sailing, I have tried the dinghy with and without the 8 HP Yamaha 2 Stroke attached and have opted for leaving the motor on the dinghy. The cross bracing (straps) and davits hold the dinghy secure even in 20 – 25 knot winds. Initially I was concerned that I might need some further bracing on the push pit however to date it appears that I don’t need the additional support. The height of the davits has worked out just fine. One thing I do find is it takes a bit of effort to lift the motor end of the dinghy, I have at times run the lines to one of my winches or used my motor lift in conjunction with davits to lift the dinghy.  Once the dinghy is up and secure I have not had to worry about it at all.

From an installation point of view everything was fairly straight forward, I was careful in following the instructions and in planning the installation however my biggest mistake was the point of reference I picked to determine positioning of the davits – I wrongly assumed the boat was symmetrical from side to side. It drove me nuts when the davits were not level, I was sure that I had made all the measurements carefully – unfortunately I used the engine vents as my reference point and they were positioned slightly differently from side to side, to fix the problem I ended up cutting one of the standpipes so the height of the davits were even from side to side. At the end of day I think this this was more for aesthetics than function however it does look better with the davits even and at the same angle.

Davits look good on the boat, when the dinghy is in the water there is no cross bracing in the way so the swim grid is fully functional which is a great feature of these davits.

Thanks, Doug England (Catalina 42 MKII)"