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Hatches / / XR 200 Offshore Cast Hatch /

  • XR200
  • I.D: 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" (49.5 x 49.5 cm)
  • O.D: 23" x 23" (58 x 58 cm)
  • Acrylic 20 11/16"x 20 11/16" (52.5 x 52.5 cm)
  • Weight: 16 lbs. (7.3 kg)

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
XR 200 Offshore Cast Hatch
1/2" Cast Acrylic
Cast Al-Mag 535 Frame
Bright Polished, Clear Anodized
Includes: Reversible Base, Thru-Hardware
3/8" Cast Acrylic Lens
Long-Life Neoprene Gasket
Non-Reversible Base
Two-Year Warranty
Thick Acrylic Upgrade
Upgrade from 3/8" to 1/2" Lens
Required if Thru Hardware is selected
Make my hatch with a Reversible Base
Opens fore and aft by reversing hinge rod
Must also select: Thick Acrylic Upgrade
Allows for exterior opening
Includes Locking Pin (when not in use)
Replacement Gasket for XR200 Hatch
Shipped with a few extra inches
1/2" Diameter
Replacement Gasket for XR200 Hatch
Shipped with a few extra inches
5/8" Diameter
Replacement Gasket for XR200 Hatch

3/4" Diameter
Caulking Cartridge
(1) tube often enough for a boat-load
1/2" Replacement Lens for XR200
Pre-Cut Lens for DIY replacement
Must provide measurements (1/16")
Repair MY Hatch!
Must send your hatch to Atkins & Hoyle
Please Contact Us
Includes 1-year Warranty
Silicone Sealant for Hatch Lens
Caulking Cartidge
XR200 Support Arm Assembly
Includes Locking Knob and Slider Casting

Extra rigid one-piece frame and base castings make the XR the strongest most durable and maintenance free hatches available, in the World.

Standard Features of the XR Double Frame Offshore Hatch

  • Two year warranty.
  • Extremely rigid frame construction actually strengthens the deck.
  • 3/8" Cast Acrylic - We don't use Polycarbonates here. See FAQ # 17.
  • All construction materials are of non-corroding material.
  • Quick action dogs are completely adjustable.
  • Clear anodized is standard finish.
  • Adjustable support arm is standard.
  • Stainless steel inserts (Heli-Coils) used on all structural threads enhances strength where it matters most.
  • Hinge allows for 180° opening without disassembly.


  • Other finishes such as Black Anodized are also available. Inquire for pricing and availability.

  • Reversible Base, Quickly reverse the opening direction of the hatch by changing the hinge direction.

    • Includes SS hinge and SS spring, making hatch feel feather light and preventing it from slamming down.
  • Through hardware, outside opeing, with locking pins forf the insde