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Dinghy Davits /

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. manufactures several models of dinghy davits, lifting anything from the smallest of dinghies (50 lbs./22.7 Kg) to most of the larger Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and full fiberglass personal watercrafts (800 lbs./363 Kg). All of our davits are removable as they are bolted together; not welded. Pick from a wide range of sizes below in both the Rotating Davit and Fixed Davit styles below.   Not sure where to start? Click on the Guide to Selecting a Davit, below! Or Call us Today!

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* Our Dinghy Davits are built with the toughest conditions in mind. We quote Safe Working Load (SWL), a conservative factor of the davits capacity. 

 Rotating Davits (R) usually stand a bit taller than Fixed Davits. They use a vertical upright pole (“Standpipe”), and almost always require two points of attachment. The base of the standpipe can be the deck or transom as the base will swivel. The second connection (½-3/4 of the way) up the standpipe can then be a rail or stanchion, or a bulkhead surface. Both the Model 1400R and 1900R are full adjustable like our Fixed Davits.


 Fixed Davits (F) are usually more robust than rotating davits. They are through bolted directly to your deck or transom, with a backing plate on the inside. Our line of fixed davits is renowned worldwide for adjustability. They work much like a human knuckle to achieve different lengths (height and reach). The addition of our optional Riser Arms will add height, and another point of articulation.



Guide to Selecting a Davit!