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Dinghy Davits / Model 2000F (350 Lbs.)

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Model 2000F (350 Lbs.)


  • SWL: 350 Lbs. (Pair, Davits)
  • Ideal for 12' RIB, up to 25 HP
  • Fixed Davit Design (Non-Rotating)
  • Select ' Transom-Base ' Option for Vertical mounting Surfaces
  • Product Weight: 35 Lbs. (Pair)

Model 2000 Fixed Davit (Cast AlMag, Adjustable Angle)  

4 Pc. Davit Kit Includes:
         - Purchase Ratio: 7:1 RWO Block and Stainless Carbide Hook
         - 140 ft/ of 5/16" NOVABRAID™ line
               Davit arm comes pre-rigged!
         - Adjustable Base Casting mounts on angled surfaces (order Deck or Transom)
         - Stainless Mounting Hardware for deck
         - Two Year Warranty
      *  Adjustable Spline determines Davit Angle

     * Add Opt. 18" or 26" Riser Arm to increase the height and reach
   * Use minimum 6"x 9" backing plate

Optional Compression Strut releives stress on mounting surface

Optional Deck Support Kits act as stays for the enitre system.
       - Up to four (4) Recomended; two each side to prevent loads on deck / transoms
       - Stainles lifeline material, with Stainless Turnbuckle for pretension


Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.347
2000 Offshore Model 2000F (350 Lbs.)
Includes One Complete Kit / Pair
- Deck Mount Bases
- 18" Riser Arm
- Pre-Rigged Lifting Arms (7:1 pulley)
- 6x9" Backing Plates
Trans Base Transom Base (Pair)
Mount your davits against vertical surfaces
Factory Upgrade only
2000 Deck 2000 Davit (4 pc) with Deck Bases USD$1999
2000 Trans 2000 Davit (4 pc) with Transom Bases
6x9 Plates 6x9 inch Backing Plates

Used for inner support
Qk. Removal Quick Removable Shoe

Bolts to transom, allows davit base to slide in and out for Quick Removal