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Dinghy Davits / 5000 Fixed Davits (Capacity of 750 Lbs.) /

  • Strongest Davit with the most Reach in the Market
  • Fully Cast from the Advanced Alloy AlMg-35
  • Safe Working Load of 750 lbs. per pair of Davits
  • Ideal for 14' RIB, up to 40 HP
  • Up to 60" of Reach and Height
  • Fixed Davit Design (Non-Rotating)
  • Innovative Adjustable Angle Design
  • 12:1 Block makes lifting easy with optional electric winches
  • Product Weight: 70 Lbs. per pair

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
5000 Fixed Davits (Capacity of 750 Lbs.)
Ready to go Cruising!
Complete Davit Kit ** See Below
Includes Mounting Bases
26" Riser Arms
9"x12" Backing Plates
Cruising in Style!
Upgrade Davits with 12v or 24v Winches
Replaces block and tackle
Get me Going!
Model 5000F Davit Kit
Includes: Davit Arm with Bases
Davit Arms Pre-Rigged with block and tackle!
Add Deck Support Kits to your Davits
Turnbuckle (SS) cables connect davit to boat to better distribute loads
Sold as each, up to (4) recommended
Compression Struts for Davit
Alleviate Stress from Mount
Triangulates load over several points
Sold a Pair
50" Stainless Tube, with fittings
Cut to required length
Stabilizing Bar
Horizontal Cross Bar connects the two davits
1-1/4" 316 Stainless
Ships 7ft, cut to length or call to specify

Model 5000 Fixed Davit (Cast AlMag, Adjustable Angle)

** Davit Kit Includes:

  • Block and Tackle: Purchase Ratio of 12:1 (Schaefer) Ball Bearing Block AND 6.8-1 Chrome Sailing Winch
  • 240 ft/ of 5/16" NOVABRAID™ line. Davit arms comes pre-rigged with block and tackle!
  • Adjustable Base Casting (Deck or Transom)
  • 5/8" Stainless Mounting Hardware for deck
  • Two Year Warranty

Adjustable Spline determines Davit Angle
* Add an Optional 15" or 26" Riser Arm to increase the height and reach
* Use minimum 9"x 12" backing plate
Optional Compression Strut releives stress on mounting surface
Optional Deck Support Kits use turnbuckles, and act as 'stays' for the enitre system:

  • Up to four (4) Recomended; two each side to prevent loads on deck / transoms
  • Stainles lifeline, with Stainless Turnbuckle for pretension