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Atkins & Hoyle Ltd has been producing high quality manual (pulley, or hand-crank) and electric (12v or 24v) marine dinghy cranes and hoists  - lifting anything from 100 lbs. to 800 lbs. Fully modular, Atkins & Hoyle cranes offer the most reliability, versatility and strength compared other pipe style crane. Every crane is easily customizable and easy to install. Properly machined bushings and versatile mounting allow 360′ rotation anywhere from the boat’s deck, bulkhead, or hardtop; to any dock, pier, or piling on land. Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, they will never rust, and will always look and preform like new in all conditions. Not sure where to start? Click on the Guide to Selecting a Crane, below! Or Call us Today!

Our line of Small Rotating Craneswill lift make lifting the smallest of Outboard Engines, to most mid-sized PWC's fast and easy. In most case these cranes are mounted entirely above deck. They are removable in seconds for stroage. The swivel base supports the bottom of the standpipe, and easily screws to any deck, transom, dock, or piling. These cranes will require a second point of attachment, usually a minimum of 1/2 way up the pipe. A hand rail or stanchion works well (the Rail Clamp is adjustable from 7/8" - 1-1/4"). Or instead of the rail clamp, you can order the Bulkhead Mount which provides a second swivel base to easily connect to any transom or piling.

Pick from the Model 120 Outboard Lift (120 Lb.), or the Small (150 Lb.), Medium (200 Lb.), and Large (300 Lb.) Small Rotating Crane!





Our line of Rotating Dinghy Cranes are suited for lifting your Rigid Inflatable dinghy or PWC onto foredecks, swim platforms, hardtops, docks, and more. Lifting up to 800 lbs. our lifts are both affordable, and extremely practical. They mount in a variety of ways to make installatoin easy. They are collapsable for storage, and rotate 360 deg.on two machined bushings for extremely smooth rotation. They require an inner and outter pipe which will pass through the deck (or hardtop, or use the offset bracket to connect to transoms and pilings). We supply a 90" pipe to fully support beneath that mounting surface, to be cut to proper length during installation.
Get these cranes with a manual or electric winch based on your needs.

Pick from the Small (300 Lb.), Medium (500 Lb.), and Large (650 Lb.) Rotating Crane! Or choose from our exclusive line of Low-Profile Cranes; the Model 6500T (650 Lb.), or the Model 8000T (800 Lb.)

Guide To Selecting A Crane!