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Cranes and Hoists /

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd manufacture's high quality marine dinghy cranes and hoists.

Small Rotating Cranes: Are Entirely Removable, and ideal for light loads under 300 lbs (136 Kg). Common uses are for lifting Outboard Engines, Cargo, and Small boats including Inflatables, Kayak's, Canoe's, and Paddle Boards.

Low-Profile Cranes: Are large cranes ideal for a wide range of uses up to 800 lbs (362 Kg). These cranes feature a 'swing boom'; to lower the boom into the compact storage position. Common uses are for lifting Dinghies with Outboards, and Motorcycles.

Rotating Dinghy Cranes: Are Removable, or Collapsible! Easily rotate heavy loads up to 600 Lbs (272 Kg) 360 degree's. Common uses are for Dinghies with Outboards, and Motorcycles. These cranes are featured on many government craft, including Fire and Police Vessels, they can also be seen in various Research an Commercial settings.

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Guide To Selecting A Crane!