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Cranes and Hoists /

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd has been producing high quality manual (pulley, or hand-crank) and electric (12v or 24v) marine dinghy cranes and hoists  - lifting anything from 100 lbs. to 800 lbs. Fully modular, Atkins & Hoyle cranes offer the most reliability, versatility and strength compared other pipe style crane. Every crane is easily customizable and easy to install. Properly machined bushings and versatile mounting allow 360′ rotation anywhere from the boat’s deck, bulkhead, or hardtop; to any dock, pier, or piling on land. Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, they will never rust, and will always look and preform like new in all conditions. Not sure where to start? Click on the Guide to Selecting a Crane, below! Or Call us Today!

Guide To Selecting A Crane!