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Arches and Hardtops / Radar Arch /

  • Anodized Aluminum OR Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tubing OD is 1.90"
  • Adjustable Widths Based on Model
  • Arch Telescopes in and out to size
  • Al Mg Cast Connections: Zero Welds
  • Excellent Strength and Durability
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Total Weight: ~130 Lbs. (Stainless Steel) ~80 Lbs. (Aluminum)

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.292
Radar Arch
1.90" Anodized Aluminum Arch
Complete Kit
Adjustable to fit 84-96" Width
Stands 65" Tall,
Includes (4) Adjustable Mounting Bases
1.90" Anodized Aluminum Arch

Complete Kit

Adjustable to fit 96"-120" Width
Stands 65" Tall
Includes (4) Adjustable Mounting Bases
1.90" Anodized Aluminum Arch

Complete Kit

Adjustable to fit 132-144" Width

Stands 80" Tall,

Includes (4) Adjustable Mounting Bases
Make my Arch out of 316 Stainless Steel!
Replaces Aluminum Tubing with 316 Stainless, 11 guage
Add davits to my Arch!
300 Lb. Capacity
Provides 24" Reach beyond aft edge of arch
Includes 4:1 Block and Tackle with Cam Cleat, 80ft of XLE line
  • Our arches are available in (3) Three pre-fabricated sizes. These sizes make it easy to select the proper width arch for the beam of your boat.
  • Width's can be made smaller (narrower) simply by cutting four (4) tubes. Most of this customization is done by A&H prior to shipping.
  • Standard foot center's (fore and aft) are 24"-26" (~61 cm) apart - though these can be customized. Customizations are typically easiest by A&H during production. Contact us to ask about your particular scenerio.
  • The aft leg on the arch can easily be placed on the transom (lower than the bow legs). Simply include this 'drop' in your measurements (Measurement "D" in the above Measurement Form).
  • This product can be ordered custom, the arch typically tapers up at 83 degrees; I.E. It's narrower at the top then at the base which give it a nice streamlined appearance.
  • The Arch angles at roughly 68 degree's. Most installations will have the arch angled aft, though it can be turned around to angle forewards.