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Parts Department / Gaskets /

  • Gaskets are specially formulated for long life, and a guaranteed seal
  • Available for all Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. Hatches and Ports, and most other brands.
  • Available by the foot, or by hatch or port size.
  • 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" diameter available.
  • High density, soft durometer neoprene rubber gasket will seal for your hatch decades.

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
OEM Replacement
3/8" OD per Foot
OEM Replacement
1/2" OD Per Foot
OEM Replacement
5/8" OD Per Foot
OEM Replacement
3/4" OD
Liquid Neoprene Gasket Sealant
Seals Approx 50ft of gasket

Gasket Replacement

Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. supplies new gasket material for all hatches and ports of any size from any brand. We will ship the gaskets and glue to you or we can replace them ourselves when we are repairing the rest of the hatch or port. First, the old gaskets must be completely removed. We take the time to clean out the groove completely, however removing at least 75% of the old material is usually enough for a DIY job. It is then as simple as feeding a very small bead of an adhesive product around the cleaned groove. The correct diameter of gasket is then pressed into the groove. The ends are then butted and sealed with a small dab of the sealant. The new gasket will then set in 2-3 hours depending on temperature. The first few times that the hatch or port is closed will be difficult as the gasket starts to take on the shape of the frame.