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Parts Department / Old Style Port Knob and Screw /

  • 3/8" stud with black star turn down knob.
  • These will fit to our older style port knobs.

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
Old Style Port Knob and Screw
Old Style Port Knob and Screw
Includes replacement pin


It is easy to change out these port knobs when they wear out.

Tools Required:

  • Tack Hammer
  • Penetrating Oil 
  • 1/8" Drift, Center Punch, or use the included pin!

Use the penetrating oil to spray the pin in adavnce, this will save you time and effort in the end. You will notice the new pin has a flattened section, the old pins are the same. They are designed to be ONE-DIRECTIONAL. Tap the pin out using the drift and tack hammer. Remove the old stud, and replace components.