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  • 5/16" 316 grade stainless steel hinge pin available for all hatch models

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
5/16 in. Dia. Hinge Rod for XR100 Hatch
Acorn Nut installed
16 in. OAL
5/16 in. Dia. Hinge Rod for XR200 Hatch
Acorn Nut installed
17.5 in. OAL
5/16 in. Dia. Hinge Rod for XR300 Hatch
Acorn Nut installed
22.25 in. OAL
1/8" Hinge Rod for Model 5x12" Port USD$33.92
O-Ring for Hinge Rod
Keeps Hinge spring positioned properly

Hatch Hinge Rod

5/16" in Diameter unless otherwise marked. These hinge rod connect the lower section of hatch to the lid. They accept a Reversible Hinge Spring to lighten the hatch, which also prevents the hatch from slamming down on fingers.

To remove these hinges, the hatch needs to be open where there is no longer tension on the spring (lay flat back to deck if possible). A drift or center-punch can be used to tap it out.
On Reversible type hatches, these rods allow the hatch to open both fore and aft.


Hinge Rods should be lubricated yearly using a Teflon based grease.