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Parts Department / Through Hardware /

  • Black anodized, Cast Almag-35 through hardware knob.
  • Round, notch disc on the outside of the hatch.

Items are Billed in CAD$
Exchange Rate: USD$1.00 = CAD$1.328
Through Hardware Knob
Cast AlMag, Black Anodized
Fits on 1/2" Stem
#10-24 Locking Screw Inc.
Drain Holes Drilled
Through Hardware Seal
Spring Seal for Through Hardware
Prevents leaks through handle
Must be counter-bored in acrylic
2-1/2" Teflon Tubing
Isolates Stainless Stem from Aluminum Casting
Smooth turning handle
helps prevent leaks
Through Hardware Washer, Exterior
2"OD x 1/2" ID x 1/16" Thick

Through Hardware Parts
   - OEM Replacement

Through Hardware Knobs - are Cast in our specialty Alloy and Black Anodized.

Through Hardware Seals stops leaks
   - Requires lens be counter-bored (press fit seal into lens).*
               * Seal must be embedded in the acrylic lens, and be flush with the upper surface. Requires 1/2" Cast Acrylic.