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Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. is world renowned as the premier marine hatch and port manufacturer. With over 30 years of experience, we have the skills, tools and expertise that is necessary to bring your hatches and ports back to like-new condition. While there are other hatch repair vendors that offer similar services, Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. stands alone when it comes to quality, service and guarantee. We stand behind our strong 1-year guarantee against any leaking or malfunction of your repaired product. For a fraction of the cost of a new hatch or port, we can bring your old product back to life with new glass, gaskets and parts. Original Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. parts are superior:; be wary of no name repair shops, garage repair outfits and individuals who claim to have experience. For reliable service and support, trust only Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. when it comes to all Hatch and Port repair services.

Cast Acrylic: This is the true test of a offshore quality hatch. Far stronger to withstand the pressures and impacts of cruising than the cheaper extruded product, we only use cast acrylic. It is also better for the marine environment because it is much  more resistant to UV damage, preventing hazing, crazing and eventual fractures in the hatch lens.

Cast Almag-35: Super Strong, Super Light Alloy that will not corrode in salt water. Its strength, aesthetics and durability far exceed those of extruded aluminum products.

Gasket Replacement: Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. supplies new gasket material for all hatches and ports of any size from any brand. We will ship the gaskets and glue to you or we can replace them ourselves when we are repairing the rest of the hatch or port. First, the old gaskets must be completely removed. We take the time to clean out the groove completely, however removing at least 75% of the old material is usually enough for a DIY job. It is then as simple as feeding a very small bead of an adhesive product around the cleaned groove. The correct diameter of gasket is then pressed into the groove. The ends are then butted and sealed with a small dab of the sealant. The new gasket will then set in 2-3 hours depending on temperature. The first few times that the hatch or port is closed will be difficult as the gasket starts to take on the shape of the frame.

Cast Acrylic Replacement: Our thorough repair process starts with the careful removal of the glass while avoiding any damage to the frame. Next, we clean all of the old glue and dirt off the frame. Then, to ensure that there is no residue left behind, we use a powerful solvent around the frame and the new acrylic lens: we not only clean the surfaces but also prep them for complete adhesion. The last stage of preparing the hatch or port for new glass involves using a special acrylic primmer that etches the frame and the edge of the new glass. This new lens is cut from the highest quality cast-acrylic that is stronger and more damage resistant than any extruded product. Finally, the perfectly fitted new lens is placed into the frame and is sealed using a strong, flexible marine grade sealer. The hatches or ports are then moved to a stable platform where they are left untouched for the duration of the curing process to ensure that the glue sets strongly against both the frame and the acrylic.

Parts: Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. carries the full range of replacement parts for our hatches and ports including B-arms, sliders, port knobs, springs, hinges and screens.


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